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Proposed relocation of GNPC not advisable – ACEP

Comment: Saif, come again!!

KG Student
2017-01-01 18:42:13
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Re: Proposed relocation of GNPC not advisable – AC

I share the same position that moving GNPC is a propagandist policy position. The question to ask is: what is the mandate of GNPC? Policy or implementation? Going by the same argument then we would say that the seat of government should be moved to an area that needs it most, perhaps one of the three northern regions. I agree that the regulator should rather be closer to where the action is so they can monitor and ensure standards are met. What at all will GNPC in the Western turn out? More jobs? I doubt, it will only double the cost of doing business which the NPP should be kicking against. Let's stay united as a country and stop the divisiveness with such propagandist policies. We need real policies that will bring real benefits of the oil find to the locals and not this propagandist and divisive agenda. What will my classmates (KG students) also say if greater reserves of oil and gas is found in our classroom, bring GNPC to our class, for what????

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01-01 16:25
Saif, come again!!
KG Student
01-01 18:42