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Mahama clan and NDC stolen Ghana properties should be retrieved

Comment: gh people

gh people
2016-12-20 06:51:32
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Mahama Clan And NDC Stolen Ghana Properties Should

hi .this are men and who help nana addo to win election 2016 and their percentage rate, this people contributed big part to make nana and n,p,p win election, they are, as follows
1 kennedy ayeapong 70%
2, chairmman wontimi,,65%.
3 nana addo him self 64%
.4, Dr bawumia, 63%,
5 charles amoah (ppp)63%
6 king solomon, 62%
7 npp volta region chariman 62%
this people played very vital role to make nana win the elect,
other people did well and they contributed to the rest of the percentage, all the youths in ghan and mothers did very well,
kenedy agyeapong heads the whole team,

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Abanga, Bole
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gh people
gh people
12-20 06:51