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Samira is youngest 2nd Lady

Comment: Samira can not be 36years

Yellow man
2016-12-17 17:53:01
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Samira is youngest 2nd Lady

This story is not true and for that matter Samira can never be 36years old.That foolish JJ abilished common entrance in 1989 June to precise.Samira at that time will be nine years old,so how on earth could she had written common entrance?The last O level exams was written in June 1994 and A'level in 1996 June.If Samira was able to write O'level at the age of 14years and A'level at the age of 16,then believe me she is very bright.But as far I am concerned there is too much inconsistency in this story.

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12-17 14:56
Samira can not be 36years
Yellow man
12-17 17:53