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Akufo-Addo visits Ho Saturday

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Evil NDC
2016-12-17 13:29:10
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why why

Hahahahahahaha ! Industrious ? Do you really understand what you saying? Hahahaha why is your region one of the poorest?you so called rich guys never became rich by their hard work but through ndc ,look do you think we didn't know you before Rawlings came to the scene? Stop it and don't annoy Ghanaians,you thought we don't know what Kofi Awoonor and the nyebro gang wrote about Ghana and her indigenes and what you ewes should do? Those books were full of hated and spread through all ewe schools and even some African countries just to create disaffection for some people like those he hated were God who was being unfair to ewes. STOP IT ! the fact that people are not talking about it doesn't mean they don't know STOP IT! for the unity we all looking for to prevail. If you want your ewe enemies then that was Kofi Awoonor and his gang and those ewes who think like them but not any tribe in Ghana.

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12-16 20:19
Re: why why
Evil NDC
12-17 13:29