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NPP group taunts NDC to produce “we are in the lead results”

Comment: Charlotte was the source

2016-12-15 17:37:22
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Sanction Asiedu, Koku, Adams, et al

Charlotte Osei should also be punished for her part. This woman failed to declare a single result of the entire election for more than 48 hours after the polls closed. When she first spoke, she claimed the turn out was a meagre 48%. In her calculation, this meant that whoever won the first round could not have made the 50% plus 1 votes - thinking that that clause referred to the total number of registered voters rather than votes cast - and she would have another opportunity to rig during a run off. When she realised her folly, she came back to adjust the figure to 68%.
Her next outing was to declare that she had identified over voting in several constituencies, without expanding on the particulars. Nearly a week after declaring the results, she has not bothered to come back and tell voters what became of the extra ballots papers - they may have been blown away by the winds that swept through her collation office that evening.
These and more such deeds were surely intended to put the whole nation on edge and prepare the way for chaos! This is surely treasonable behaviour. The least she deserves is to be stripped of that high office. Parliament should make this one of the first and most important issues to tackle in their first session.

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12-15 16:47
Charlotte was the source
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