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Stabilising economy will be my major priority - Akufo-Addo


2016-12-15 07:06:21
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There is bound to be celebration and over celebration after the electoral victory was chalked by the NPP. It is a natural phenomenon but these celebrations should be measured so that the joy does not turn sour or into mourning. The major challenge we are facing is the seizures and attacks which come with the celebrations. This should be condemned by all parties including the winners and losers and something more serious has to be done beyond the condemnation. One observation I have made is that we talk more than we act and this must be as a result of the saying that ‘’talk is cheap.’’ If this country will make the giant stride needed we should apply ourselves to actions than just the talk.
I believe that the challenges we are facing in post elections are due to the ‘’winner take all’’ practice we have adopted. Several things have been said about this but we have not mastered the courage and commitment to change from this path. The mistake has been done from the beginning and we are finding it difficult to resolve the challenges it has created. In my view this can be resolved by law which will be binding on all of us no matter which political party wins an election. In doing this we also need to consider the State intervention in the finance of political parties in elections no matter how small as well. The attitude of our political leaders is also accountable for this state of affairs. The comments and actions of politicians create a certain mind set for their followers who are emboldened to perpetuate the kind of things we see. Many of these things are economically linked too so if politicians who are given the resources of the country will manage them well to bring economic empowerment to our people, the interest of our people in things like public toilet will reduce drastically. Additionally, the issue of accountability is key when it comes to economic matters but politicians have turned some of these ventures into objects of corruption. There are lots of actions to be taken if our country will make the giant strides we want to see in our lives.
Anytime there is change of party political power these things are observed. They happened in the years 2000 and 2008 and it is happening now in 2016. We should be worried and the question is when are we going to stop it? We must be courageous to take the bull by the horn and if possible legislate on them. The security services are sometimes helpless because they know the culprits are the ones in power and may influence counter actions on them later on.
I have said it in another article that we should be moderate in our celebrations not to create problems for our society. We should know that there are many people who supported the NPP to win political power but these people are just sympathizers and floating voters who may not be in agreement with our offensive behavior. This same people are able to take their votes elsewhere the next time the opportunity comes again.
It is time for all of us to concentrate on the task ahead because the President-Elect cannot do it alone. Everybody has a part to play no matter how small it is. It is my personal wish that the next government performs so well that the party and the President-Elect will have an easier task to get retained by the people of Ghana when the time comes to seek the people’s mandate. I have given my personal commitment to assist the next administration to excel in its administration and I am doing it because I want a better life for myself and every citizen to be able to realize his/her aspirations and wishes. Like I have mentioned before, the bad economic condition created under the out going administration has made it difficult for me to secure another job after leaving my former employers as a result of human right abuse which I want to seek legal redress but for lack of funds I am unable to do it. Going back to work will enable me to raise funds to achieve this noble cause. Lack of employment has dismembered my family with so many negative consequences like ejection from my house, my daughter being put in a family way irresponsibly because I could not support the family and host of them. I really sacrificed even the little money friends offer me to assist in this regime change with the hope that things will be better afterwards.
Once again, I want to congratulate everybody who worked alongside the NPP flag bearer to achieve this massive victory which is a baffle to the NDC. I have the full compliment of their short comings but I will never bring them out to make their work easier for them. It will be used against them when the time comes again.

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