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Stabilising economy will be my major priority - Akufo-Addo


2016-12-15 07:05:18
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In any competition there should be a winner and the NPP under the leadership of Nana Addo is the winner. The win comes with challenges which we heartily accept and ready to confront. We shall do the best and genuinely so for this country. We shall not be limited by the comments from those who feel disappointed in our success but we hope tobe focused on the mandate from the people. We shall be guided by the principle of ‘’first things first’’ and Ghanaians will see the difference the President-elect is bringing on board.
At this juncture I want to thank the Almighty God for what He has done for this great country by the victory,to afford the people of Ghana the relieve from the hardship bestowed on them by the President and the NDC. The sad thing is that the President and all those who are aligned to him are measuring the standard of living of the people by their living conditions. Even in defeat they keep providing excuses and assigning reasons which are far from the objective conditions on the ground. They are in self denial and I wish they continue along this trajectory. We shall not be misled by the kind of analysis they are making. I have maintained that provision of infrastructure do not guarantee political power otherwise the NPP should have been in power after former President Kufuor’s administration.
I want to congratulate all workers of the NPP including the flag bearer himself, the campaign team, the leadership and the members in general. Mention must also be made of party sympathizers and floating voters who shared in the vision of the flag bearer. All along I kept asking myself what was keeping the flag bearer going under the heavy demand of the campaign but I noticed our prayers and the intervention of God was thekey. He has defied the odds and the propaganda from our main opponent to press on until the ultimate has been realized.
It is not common to kick out an incumbent so one can understand how sweet this victory is. We all worked very hard for it so we need to rejoice and celebrate the victory. However, let us do it in moderationwithout infringing on the rights of others. Losers in every contest feel bad for their loss so let us bear with the incumbent party without doing anything to exacerbate their bitter loss. The truth is that if they were in our shoes they would have done the same or worse so they have to develop big hearts to accommodate our celebration.
We have to challenge ourselves now to excel in the task ahead of us as a group to make re-election a forgone conclusion. I believe we can make it; where there is the will nothing under the sun cannot be achieved. We cannot disappoint the many people who have lived all these years under the indifference and lack of feeling by the current administration for their plight.
On my personal behalf I am making an irrevocable commitment today to the President-electthat I shall do everything in my capacity to support and work for his administration to succeed in my small way. I will share my instructive perspective on matters I have insights on. The propagandist in the current Government need to be ‘’silenced’’ to have their mouths shut. Ghanaians have shown the capability to separate the chaff from the wheat and in the same way they will be able to differentiate the truth from the propaganda. We shall always be on hand to break down the issues to their clearest understandings and to debate them very strongly if need be. We shall not allow the people to be fed with lies and twisted facts to put the new Government in bad light. If this is what our detractors want to do they should quickly revise their notes from today because we are very capable in ensuring the truth is laid bare to the Ghanaian people. Coincidentally, I share the same birth month of March with the flag bearer and I am proud to say we are generally endowed to take on daunting tasks in most of our endeavors. Biblical historians believe that our Lord Jesus Christ was also born in the same month by observing His character trait, instead of the December we are told of. My reading of the article about the flag bearer by one of his aides (Mustapha Hamid) on the occasion of his birth day this year got me convinced that I share the same fate with the flag bearer. His ascension to the office of the presidency today encountered several challenges cutting across internal party competitions through to national. He fought very hard fights compared to the current President who virtually got the position on a ‘’silver’’ platter. The absence of the difficult challenge by the President did not strengthen him hard enough to live up to the expectation of the Ghanaian people. I can say without hesitation that this has eaten into the head of the President and with the praise singing from his followers he has failed when it matters. A comparative analysis of the result will speak volume about the extent of his failure and this will be done later.
I am over joyed personally about this victory because it is an answered prayer by God. Having been out of job for almost 15 months it has not been easy to live through this difficult economic condition created by the Government. I have been surviving on stipends from friends but I was committed to spend a little of these handouts on the internet to post my views on national issues with a view to exposing the lies and propaganda by the paid and vociferous communicators of the Government.Sometimes I do this without having anything to live on after but I realized this is the only way I can help push out this non performing administration. It will be serious if I did nothing because the verdict will be to continue in the same condition for another 4 years which I was not willing to accept. My predicament has been an issue of infringement on my human rights for which I was willing to go to court but I did not have the financial means to seek legal redress. I have had to live through it till this day. What makes my case even difficult is that there is an NDC MP serving as the board chair of this company who havedecided to turn a blind eye on the matter as long as his board sitting allowance was in tact. As a legislator I thought this person would have been forth right with his company to do the right thing thereby saving me and my family from the hardship we endured during this period. It is my expectation that the exit of this Government will create an opportunity for me to get back to work and raise some money to enable me afford the legal cost when I decide finally to go to court to seek redress.
I will continue to make my views known on this platform as we progress into the administration of the new government because I have come to accept that the platform provides a bigger forum for people from all walks of life to update themselves. We have a lot to share with the people of Ghana and we shall avail them the opportunity. It is good for this country to have many of its citizens enlightened to enable them make informed decisions. The lies and propaganda which have been the modus operandi of some party people should be exposed.

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