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Stabilising economy will be my major priority - Akufo-Addo


2016-12-15 07:03:47
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Stabilising economy will be my major priority - Ak

This write up was not originally meant to cover the above heading but later developments have made me to change course to this. Members of the NDC who have spoken after their shameful defeat on December 7 have not accepted the fact that they have disappointed the people of Ghana in their mediocre leadership. I want to challenge them that as many times they provide this kind of leadership, they will lose equal number of elections whether they like it or not. We should not think we know better than the rest of the society because of the opportunity we get to speak on radio and television. Does it need any special skill to be a party worker as some of us are? If they cannot handle the defeat it is better to stay away from the media than to be spewing their ignorance and poisoning the public. The devastating defeat suffered has never occurred in the annals of the fourth Republic and this alone should make them go into deep reflection. By the result of election they have chalked several firsts which I will bring out in a later report. But it suffices now to look at the statistics to understand what I am saying.
In 2012 their party perceived the idea they were going to lose the elections hence the strategy they adopted to get late Professor Mills out of the way. Truly they were going to lose the elections for several reasons but the fielding of the Vice President then helped them to win. They won for several reasons principally was the sympathy Ghanaians showed towards their party for the demise of the President. John Mahama saved their party by affording them another term which added up to two terms. Someone will ask how did I know the NDC was going to lose the elections under late Prof Mills? I usually get this by intuition, observation very closely certain developments and not through those bogus polls being undertaken by all kinds of people. That election would have gone into another run off due to several reasons which I am not going to discuss here but as a teaser I will like to mention the infrastructure projects, the sincerity and incorruptibility of Mills and the passion to provide better living conditionsfor the Ghanaian people. He could not be tagged for being corrupt, the private sector was relatively doing well, unemployment levels were not bad as we find it today. President Mahama’s performance was very bad and I dare say that if he had started the administration of the NDC in 2009 theywould have equally lost the 2012 elections.
I really don’t like discussing polls in an environment like Ghana where the level of illiteracy is relatively high. To get a poll right in this kind of environment one requires lots of logistics and finance but it will not be worth it to spend that much on polls for political reason which is not compensatory. What sampling method will one use to get the sample size with the same characteristics as the target population?Almost all the literatures I have read on research have been authored by foreign writers who base their views on their environments which are basically sophisticated compared to Africa. To use these views one need to do improvisation to suit our environment so I have never taken polls made in Ghana very serious. But I was confident when we were getting close to the elections that the NPP flag bearer was going to win by a big margin based on my intuition fuelled by certain things I saw. I estimated a win of between 54 to 55 percent for Nana and about 43 to 44 percent for the President which really happened.
There are several calls from various parts of the country including professional organizations, social groups and other interest groups for the President-elect to do one thing or another. There are several problems to be dealt with and followers of the NDC are boasting they have worked well. The election result alone should inform them that the people have flatly rejected them. The only song in their mouths is infrastructure as if the whole life of the country depended only on infrastructure. The well being of the citizens who are supposed to use the infrastructures have been neglected. They are telling the larger society that we have provided infrastructure for you whilst they and their friends and families are living well. These people think all of us are not discerning and that everybody will follow the same path as those who they target for their votes. I want to use this occasion to advise them to read about Maslow’s Pyramid of individual needs which I read in my first year Management in the university.
The President has no alternative course of action than to concede early defeat at the point the result of the parliamentary elections was pointing to an overwhelming victory for the NPP. It has never happened in the fourth Republic that a party sweeps the parliamentary seats without also winning the presidential elections. The suggestions by some people that the President needs to be congratulated for conceding defeat is just an empty one and illogical. We should also not forget that the international community was closely monitoring developments and any act which threatens the peace of the country will be seriously condemned. It will not just be condemned but it can attract repercussions which will not be favorable for the country. The hawks who are surrounding the President wished he did something else than the concession. It was good he did not heed to these people because when something happens the President will be singled out and dragged to face the International Court in the Hague whiles these hawks stay around and live their normal lives. Sometimes behind the scene there are admonishing going on by powerful forces which are not known to majority of the people.
We are waiting for the NDC for the next of 4 years for their criticisms, if genuine will be accepted and that will even be helpful for the country. Unfortunately some of us are getting the feeling that they want to mount vigorous criticisms unjustifiably which we are ready for. I listened to some of their followers and I felt very sorry about their intentions. A person like Pratt has established himself as a person who criticizes but never willing to take up public responsibility which will avail people the opportunity to assess him too. His performance in public office has been ordinary so far but he is quick to point out the failings of others. As much as they are interested in ensuring that we deliver on our promises we shall also make sure we make Ghanaians know the true state of the economy as we inherited it. Notwithstanding all these we are ready for the debates since all that is required is the brain power which we are not short of. Some of us will prove the point to Ghanaians to appreciate the fact that Ghana is really rich in human resources.
I wish to use this occasion to discourage those persons of the NPP who want to go court on the 4 constituencies we lost the parliamentary seats. If there was any challenge that should have been done on the day of voting at the polling stations but as long as the votes have been counted and signed, sleeping dogs should be allowed to rest. Any action of the sort intended will not be supported by some us and this can open the Pandora box.Our agents at these constituencies may not have lived up to expectation and need to be blamed for any short coming.

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