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France congratulates President-elect Akufo-Addo

Comment: shut the hell up @ Rosemary.

2016-12-14 05:49:49
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France congratulates President-elect Akufo-Addo

@Rosemary shut the hell up and go fuck yourself.What at all is wrong with you people.You are very tribalistic and it shows from your silly comments.It was npp that caused all this judgement debt money being paid to woyome and until the guy is proven to be guiltu of defrauding the state by a competent court of jurisdiction you have no right to say he stole any money.Can you be able to prove with evidence beyond reasonable doubt that the president stole money?if not shut the hell up.Y'all hiding behind the npp to make it look like you are patriotic.Lets see if money,honey and milk will be flowing all over ghana.You guys have no idea what you brought in to govern you.

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12-13 08:58
shut the hell up @ Rosemary.
12-14 05:49