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Electoral violence negates democracy

Comment: Borkor is Prejudiced Against Akufo-Addo

2016-11-29 00:49:56
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Electoral violence negates democracy

Borkor, someone has said earlier that because you live in the US you don't know what is happening in Ghana. Mahama is useless. Akufo-Addo will win despite his failings and the failings of the NPP. You're not perfect yourself.

If Mahama wins, then you are a better political analyst than myself. WHAT DO YOU SEE IN MAHAMA WHICH THE REST OF US CAN'T SEE? Can't you see Pepeni Mahama is unintelligent and incompetent?

You never write about Mahama's numerous gaffes, why? You're so biased! YOU DON'T HAVE INTELLECTUAL HONESTY, yet you try to accuse your fellow academics as not being intellectually honest.

You obviously think you're better than Akufo-Addo because you think you're academically more qualified. That isn't necessarily true; academic achievement doesn't mean you're more intelligent than him.

But you must know by now that nobody values a black man in the country you live (USA). Especially one with a lot of academic qualifications like you! Black Africans only read thinking!

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11-28 02:37
Borkor is Prejudiced Against Akufo-Addo
11-29 00:49