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NDC are still resolutely determined to rig election 2016 but we shall resist them

Comment: NDC bends to rig election 2015 but.....

Tomorrow no dey
2016-11-27 22:58:26
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NDC are still Resolutely Determined to Rig Electio

One husband one wife, one spoon one soup, one fish one hook and what again, one prison guard one prisoner, one pastor one worship centre, one kalypo one biscuit, no one will rig the election, this NPP always attacking Charlotte Osei n staff n setting the mind of Ghanaian people for war, where is the message, police your vote, not again putting the whole nation into turmoil n fear, this country is for all of us, no intimidation before, during and after the election, Almighty God has chosen the President long long before 7th. December 2016."Wo abomu na ekyere wado"

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11-26 07:25
NDC bends to rig election 2015 but.....
Tomorrow no dey
11-27 22:58