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NDC are still resolutely determined to rig election 2016 but we shall resist them

Comment: You Are NOT serious ?

B Agyei-Yeboah
2016-11-26 14:03:57
Comment to:
NDC are still Resolutely Determined to Rig Electio

As for you these nation wreckers you can never be truthful. Every election that you lose had been rigged. Aabba!!!!! When you are in power in power "koraa" in 2008 you claimed the elections were rigged. You are not democrats - that's all.
NPP - nation wreckers
NPP - liars
NPP - sore losers. Shame. Ooooooo

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11-26 07:25
You Are NOT serious ?
B Agyei-Yeboah
11-26 14:03