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…Include American visas in Ghana’s Dubai

Comment: Good job bro

Yellow man
2016-11-19 02:22:19
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…Include American visas in Ghana’s Dubai

I knew very well that some fools will take your article personal and insult you.But don't be deterred my brother.There's an old ibo saying that a fly that has no one to advise follows the corpse to the grave.Some people are drunk with political wine so much so that common sense has eluded them.Nothing is seen bad or evil with their political party even if it hit them in the face.We will continue to seek wisdom from whatever sources we can find,because lack of vision my people perish.Why won't they celebrate ?After all most of these imbeciles who criticizing you will be influenced to vote for a political party by a mere bribe of a cutlass or a common bentua.

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11-18 19:13
Good job bro
Yellow man
11-19 02:22