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Supreme Court's rulings in favor of Zanetor and implications for political parties

Comment: Dissapointing SC

Okonko Palm
2016-07-20 13:33:45
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Has the Zenator SC Ruling any Implications for Pol

The supreme court is increasingly running a ring around itself with dodgy decisions which will throw the rule of law and its relevance into disrepute.

The decision where it ruled on the NHIS cards is a case in point.For political expedience and to be seen to appease all,the sc has come to decisions which are more political than law.

Most of its recent decision have been based on legal sophistry thereby creating a legal black hole which will be difficult to fill.By its ruling on the NHIS cards case the doctrine of retrospective law had also been jettisoned.

There is a presumption that statutes are not intended to have retroactive effect unless they merely change legal procedure.That is, unless there be clear words to the contrary statutes do not apply to past,but to future,state or circumstances.

It appears this ruling like the NHIS card case has not only changed the law but has given them a retrospective right to apply to the past.These sc judges of today will leave a legacy that will be the laughing stock of the next generation of lawyers.

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07-20 04:37
Dissapointing SC
Okonko Palm
07-20 13:33