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How Agya Koo Nimo gave me a ''eureka'' moment

Comment: fear is fear!

Prempeh The First
2016-06-28 18:33:40
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Re: How Agya Koo Nimo gave me a ''eureka'' moment

My friend Dart (US) Cameron Duodu's account if the truth. You may be privy to arrangements made to assure the public, but if Rawlings and his commandos had decided at any stage to abort the process, what could Justice D F Annan have done?

Rawlings recently revealed that he had wanted to stay in power for a longer period but was frustrated by the NDC, didn't he?

In any case, how could anyone like you have entered Adu Boahen's mind to ascertain the fears he harboured that Mr Duodu is talking about? He entertained those fears all right, I am sure, but as the writer put it,he "summoned the courage" to suppress them and teach the lesson that a man can only die once. If a woman, Yaa Asantewaa has that idea, then a man could also imitate her. That is what Boahen did and Cameron Duodu is relating to the world.

And yes -- Koo Nimo too appreciates what Yaa Asantewaa's heroism amounted to, and put it beautifully into song.Youtube can allow everyone to hear that song, thank God.

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06-28 17:37
fear is fear!
Prempeh The First
06-28 18:33