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Do we understand democracy as a nation?

Comment: Hypocrisy of NPP

Joe Alaa
2016-02-24 11:43:50
Comment to:
Do we understand democracy as a nation?

The desperation that has swallowed up the NPP so called leaders and the lies being churned out by them to their ignorant supporters have rendered the country at the verge of war. To them not until they win elections, every electoral commissioner appointed would be biased. These are the kind of people who want Ghanaians to entrust the nation in their hands. It very disturbing the way they talk, behave and insult. It looks like there no elderly person in the NPP. Their flag bearer and his running mate talk as if they possess super natural powers to rule Ghana, and that has brought about indiscipline in the society. If such bad mouth people want to rule Ghana, then God save us.

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