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Bawumia Is Just A Glorified Bean Counter

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Prof Lungu
2015-12-01 01:39:09
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Bawumia Is Just A Glorified Bean Counter


A full-throated and timely critique of Dr. Bawumia, the "bean counter" economist from Ghana who goes to England to talk important matters and simply berates the current government of Ghana because his party wants his job!

READ: "...Akufo-Addo’s particle board economic ideas and Bawumia’s “fake-it-till-you-know-it” persona."

WE SAY: See our comment above. Further, see our critique of Bawumia's Bloated Register Case on GHanaHero.Com/Vision (under "Prof Lungu Says..."

READ: "...A good Ghanaian economist would never forget that our principal source of electricity has been the hydro-electric power at Akosombo since it began operating in 1966 when the population was only 8 million..."

WE SAY: This is a strange madness to that approach. Bawumia, Kuffour, and all the NPP-types cannot bear to cite anything Nkrumah did for Ghana, even though they are still enjoying a lot of the infrastructure Nkrumah's government bequeathed Ghana. Imagine in 2010 Akuffo-Addo was talking about Ghana building up a so-called "Guggisberg economy", with factories for shoes, bananas, cocoa, etc. But Nkrumah did all of that - but all were sold or destroyed by the same people who overthrew Nkrumah.

THEN THIS: "...With a steadily ballooning population, we are all aware that our ravenous appetite for energy consumption has outpaced our financial capabilities and our ability and capacity to generate adequate power to keep pace with the creeping runaway demand..."

WE SAY: On this one we need to be a bit more reflective and critical.

As far as we know, it is not because of population growth that is the problem. It is because the people who overthrew Nkrumah never had any plans to build up from Nkrumah. As we've said, they even destroyed the foundation. Further, it is no financial capacity when politicians are stealing and squandering Ghana's money from left to right, up and down!

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11-30 06:03
Re: Bawumia Is Just A Glorified Bean Counter
Prof Lungu
12-01 01:39