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Bawumia Is Just A Glorified Bean Counter

Comment: You appear peeved because Antobam

2015-11-30 09:29:20
Comment to:
Bullshit Article!

Has skillfully disrobed your 'demi-god',Bawumiah, and shattered or put a damper on the dreams of people like you, and all gullible NPP supporters!
And for crying out loud, between Bawumiah and Antobam, who do think suffers from an
"inferiority complex"; the self-assured Antobam, or the fumbling and bumbling Economist-Bean Counter, who had to be saved many times from the clutches of the wily Tsatsu Tsikata, during his time on the witness stand at the Supreme Court by Jsc. Atubuga?

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11-30 06:03
You appear peeved because Antobam
11-30 09:29