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Bawumia Is Just A Glorified Bean Counter

Comment: Gh.deserve better and critical thinkers

Mark Glory
2015-11-30 09:09:37
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Bawumia Is Just A Glorified Bean Counter

Mr. Antobam, the time I was foolish and lack wisdom and obviously write like you,I was schooled by the Book of Proverbs in the Bible with these literal wise sayings 'empty barons make the most noise' Those who are without credibility and the foolish vilify the wise'. it is only the wise who give credit and merit to whom it is due.These insults not only to Bawumia but Pres. John Mahama, Prs. Kufour and other well meaning Ghanaians who are contributing significantly to the development of this country is Balearic. It does not matter who you are and what you do or what position you hold or your academic credentials, you need to be educated to grow up. This barbarism and what the good books would says witchcraft have no place in the Ghana righted minded and patriotic citizens want to build. Pls. Mr. Antobam for you information, Ghana's concern now is elements like you who are paraded as politicians and want the affairs of the nation to be your entrusted to care. Don't you think that persons like do not deserve a place of trust in a civilized and organised nation where reason is cardinal for leadership and governing? Don't you think you are not fit to be a politician? Mr. Antobam, I counsel you to read the Book of Proverbs in the bible so that you can act well in a well cultured society like Ghana where heroism is honoured and celebrated,and respect for elders is most cherished. That one pays. until then, do not right until you learn how to write. God bless you . By the way, if they place you and Pres. KUFOUR,DR. Bawumia, on achievement and Academics SCALE, who will be significant?

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11-30 06:03
Gh.deserve better and critical thinkers
Mark Glory
11-30 09:09