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Bawumia Is Just A Glorified Bean Counter

Comment: Bawumia is just a number cruncher

Kojo T
2015-11-30 08:17:23
Comment to:
Bullshit Article!

Bawumia is not a "bean counter" That is an insult to the accounting profession.He definitely talks crap and I agree with you..How can 76000 boat a register of 15m , 15000000? It is not significant.Then he goes to court to cancel 4m (4000000) votes out of 15m .After 3 years does he not expect growth in population?Ghana cannot entrust its economy to some like that .That will be DANGEROUS and irresponsible

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11-30 06:03
Bawumia is just a number cruncher
Kojo T
11-30 08:17