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Jon Benjamin; enough of the mental!

Comment: Re: Blackmail or what?

2015-10-30 22:14:44
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Blackmail or what?

Mr mentally retarded slave, you may be right that our current crop of politicians who unfortunately think like you, are the ones who mismanage our country and then go and beg Jon Benjamin's govt for alms to run our country but you however forgot to add that for almost 200 years, Jon Benjamin's country-people came here as tyrants and took away many trillions of dollars worth of resources for free without accounting for any of it.

Sure, Mr Benjamin can speak and speak and speak as much insulting rubbish as his mind tells him to, but unlike the time when his govt was the dictatorial govt in charge of the Gold Coast and when a casual look directly into the face of a white colonial official can cost you the loss of of one of your limbs or eyes, some of us can today, under a more humane and democratic system, also tell him what we think of him and his racist lies.

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