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The Socialist Who Will Even Defend The Devil

Comment: Is half a slave better than a slave?

Abeeku Mensah
2015-10-30 12:31:18
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The Socialist Who Will Even Defend The Devil

Is it any better to be a slave in the master’s big house on the hill than a slave in the field? You seem to be a dangerous apologist for the slave master and willing to do so at your own person and race. A slave is a slave because their assignment in life is determined by the master not because you get to eat table scrap from the masters table or cook their own meal with lard.

Democracy is not God sent and no matter what you and others with slave era chains on the brains say freedoms come in different ways and evil comes in all forms. You Mr. Baidoo come from a Ghana and a tribe that believes they are better than those from other tribes and thereby deny those rights to a fair shake in the national pie or wages coming to them from their labor; it is a form of slow death to those families treated as second class in their own country. The plight of those from other tribes does not matter to you because your democratic slogan means more to you. Socialism, dictatorship and theocratic nations and others have built-in evil but so is democracy; all systems are of men and administered by men. We would not be sinners if we were holier. So feed off your masters table scraps in the UK and think you are better off than others be it a socialist or your delusional democracy.

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10-30 03:52
Is half a slave better than a slave?
Abeeku Mensah
10-30 12:31