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EXXON-Type Capitalism Has Little Imperative for Sustainable World!

Comment: Re: Diksh washer or quack doctor

Prof Lungu
2015-10-29 05:06:33
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Diksh washer or quack doctor

We hear you, Kojo T!

"American Greed" is like the Middle- and Middle-Upper class version of the EXXonitis! Sadly, usually, it is the lower class (economic-wise) who get cheated.

In the case of the VW ruse, those who own VW are now finding that nobody wants their used cars. Or, they must reduce sale price up to $2,000, to get rid of the cars. (That will be a lot of money lost, and trust in "capital" shattered, any way we look at it).


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10-29 01:19
Re: Diksh washer or quack doctor
Prof Lungu
10-29 05:06