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EXXON-Type Capitalism Has Little Imperative for Sustainable World!

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Prof Lungu
2015-10-29 03:05:32
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Re: EXXON-Type Capitalism Has Little Imperative fo

Thanks for the comment!

We've always made clear our manifest agenda: Ghana-Centered/Ghana-Proud, from the point of view of human development, history, and reckoning.

When EXXON type companies, their subsidiaries, and similar others operate in Ghana and other African countries, we would imagine breaking laws would come a lot easier for so many reasons, among them "elites/intelligentsia...tone deaf and virtually brain dead...incapable of independent thought...," who have no knowledge, do not care, and/or are corruptible.

Sadly, this EXXON-Type problem emerged after Nkrumah, and its gotten worse, after discovery and production of oil.

It is within that context that we can actually understand Attorney Effah Dartey when, calling for the "arrest" of Anas, says this to book:

"...One of the reasons why I, Nkrabeah Effah Dartey will NEVER want to be a Judge is that I look at the conditions of service of the Judiciary, which is supposed to be the best in the public service, and I quiver. Even the Chief Justice, how much is his or her pay? GH¢30,000 a month? If a private lawyer drafts one oil contract, he can go home with over GH¢100,000...".


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Re: EXXON-Type Capitalism Has Little Imperative fo
Prof Lungu
10-29 03:05