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The journalist and the law

Comment: pompous lawyers

2015-10-27 14:24:33
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Some lawyers are pompous oh! Effah Dartey should have had enough sense and decorum not to try and disparage the knowledge of an experienced campaigner like Mr Cameron Duodu.The man saved your skin once and you describe him as "not being a lawyer" in order to create prejudice against his analysis of the issue? Shame. When he faced the Special Branch on your behalf, did he go with a lawyer? And you don't think he can write on a legal issue? Couldn't the Special Bran ch have locked him up if he had not been able to demonstrate to them that he knew the law?

Effah Dartey is too publicity-conscious. He should not have tangled with Mr Duodu at all. You don't know the difference between prosecution and investigation and you open your loud mouth. Lawyer my foot.

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