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RE: House of chiefs “irrelevant” – Lepowura

Comment: Re: Then why move the powers to the DJCC?

2015-10-27 12:14:01
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Then why move the powers to the DJCC?

I have argued why those functions should be transferred to the DJCC - members shall have teh requisite localor indigenous knowledge to deal with disputes relating to the institutions in their areas. Secondly, coming from that area, they'd have a different mind-set or attitude towards resolving the disputes. You see, an inst'nal change will engender an attitudinal change too. Not quite QED but it shall be an impetus to it, among other factors.

Of course, they don't have to addicate to participate in politics. That will be self-defeating of my argumenst for breaking down allegiances/loyalties to parties based on ethnicity. In Nigeria, it even appears being a chief is a plus in doing politics but the subjects vote for the parties of their choices not that of the Oba, Obaloja, babalawo or Egbe.

In Ghana, it is the same in the southern sector but in the North, the chiefs' choice of party exerts a very important pull in how the locals vote. At least, this was the pattern up into the '90s. Can't say for what's been happening recently, as I am not privy to any recent research on the topic.


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Re: Then why move the powers to the DJCC?
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