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RE: House of chiefs “irrelevant” – Lepowura

Comment: Then why move the powers to the DJCC?

2015-10-27 08:28:55
Comment to:

Since the DJCC will also comprise the same Ghanaians prone to the same bad ways, why should any powers be transferred to them, Andy?

Perhaps the solution may not lie in a change of structures. The solution may be in a change of attitudes - a much more difficult expectation.

I agree with you we don't have to abolish chieftaincy - it will be difficult. Only a totalitarian regime can do that. And, yes, Chiefs can be allowed to play politics (openly) but should they renounce their chieftaincy if they want to stand for political office?

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10-27 00:29
Then why move the powers to the DJCC?
10-27 08:28