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RE: House of chiefs “irrelevant” – Lepowura


2015-10-27 02:32:00
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RE: House of chiefs “irrelevant” – Lepowura

We should not waste time and resources reforming this backward, corrupt,violent and useless institution - in this 21st Century.

It has been abolished in India,Nepal and Ethiopia - and that has paved the way for modernization of societies in those countries.

Chieftaincy in Ghana/Africa is a major instigator of ethnic violence and tribalism across the continent.It has also been turned into a cesspool of graft and venality - and together with corrupt politicians and judges - has stymied the economic,political and social developments of various states on the continent.

The Aborigines Rights Protection Society(1897),in what they thought was a good thing for the "natives", must be turning in their graves now.Their success has been turned into a nightmare for the average Ghanaian.Community lands placed under the control of the chiefs - in behalf of the people - have become booties and a bonanza for the chiefs,their families and cronies.

These folks are called chiefs just because their ancestors led militias to kill men,women,children and old folks.Then burned their villages and towns,and took prisoners - to be sold to European slave traders.And yet we have put them on a pedestal,carrying them around and calling them "Nana,Nana", in this 21st Century. Pleeeeze !

It's time to abolish this useless and parasitic institution.Let the lazy and corrupt chiefs look for jobs in a competitive society - like everyone else. MERITOCRACY should be legally enforced.


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