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Asantehene is No. 1 in Everything, Says a Conversationalist

Comment: Who made you a character judge Adofo?

Abeeku Mensah
2015-10-17 08:34:41
Comment to:
Asantehene is No. 1 in Everything, Says a Conversa

You're one morally flawed and intellectually dishonest individual, Rockson Adofo. Week after week you churn out postings on this ghanaweb with ramblings of a mad man making claims only a chemically and clinically imbalance person would make but somehow think you are the arbiter of all things character of Ghanaians.

In your own fantasy island, Rockson Adofo, you have standards that must not be crossed by any politician or community leaders you dislike even while you make excuses for the rather abhorrent and delusional folks in your preferred tribes and political party. Deal with it because there are more people out here in Ghana and in the Diaspora who love and admire those you hate.

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