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Using fake certificates to teach

Comment: And do you think this will work?

2015-10-15 10:41:44
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Using fake certificates to teach

Validation or endorsement or whatever you calls of teachers' certificate by the institutions they attended and do you think that will help fish out those with dubious documents?. In any case, you have stated that people manage to obtain fake certificates to work as teachers and bad guys are there to render these services, so what makes you think endorsement alone will halt these nausances?. What GES should be doing as a serious public service is to, take a further step in going to the institutions themselves to do the validation or otherwise since each certificate awarded has a unique number to avoid the direct interference of the teacher in this process. Its about time you stop this 'sit down and issue instruction' policies and do the right things. Honestly, the teaching profession is not as enviable as you have envisioned in mind because, constantly and consistently the teacher is at the receving end of these misinformed policies. How do you expect the teacher to travel all the way to Salaga from Axim to authenticate a certificate and in the same vein expect effective teaching the next day. GES must be serious for once, be pragmatist and stop these unnecessary stress, tension and burden on the already stressed teacher. Thank you

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10-15 04:18
And do you think this will work?
10-15 10:41