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Using fake certificates to teach

Comment: Yet another proof of the senseless LMVC

Abeeku Mensah
2015-10-15 07:22:06
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Using fake certificates to teach

Teaching credentials are not derived from local hospitals and homes but granted by a government institution, department of education, via approved post secondary schools and training colleges. So if forged teaching certificates can make it past local school administrators why would the NPP, the LMVC crowd, Mr. and Mrs. Rawlings and others hop on a new voter registry bandwagon when the prerequisite documents expected of applicants/registrants for a new voter ID is as fluid as presenting a teaching certificate or secondary school transcripts? Has the admission practices at some of our colleges and universities not been compromised by a rash of falsified school transcripts from applicants seeking admission? Where then in all of these events can anyone with brains and wisdom pretend we can have a voter register free of the very problems we have with current voter registry? Who said that reducing the number of ghost or unqualified voters on the current registry from 100,000 to 10,000 for example is better? At the end of the day there are precincts and constituencies where elections are won and lost by a margin of less than 100. Would such a razor thin loss or victory make it better for the NPP because the voter registry is presumed to carry less ghost voters?

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10-15 04:18
Yet another proof of the senseless LMVC
Abeeku Mensah
10-15 07:22