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Effah Darteh Nkrabea’s Paranoia in the Eye of the Tiger

Comment: Even murderers are given defense lawyers

2015-10-14 06:19:15
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Effah Darteh Nkrabea’s Paranoia in the Eye of th

Even people who are known to murder others are given defense lawyers. If they cannot afford one themselves, the court will appoint one for them. That is how the justice system works. Even the clearly guilty must be given the chance the defend themselves.

If Effar Dartey agrees to take on the defense of the guilty (for a fee because he is a professional lawyer), then he has to find arguments to try on that defense. He has to do this even if he knows the justices are wrong in getting bribes. It will be up to the court (or a jury in a trial) to decide whether or not to believe the argument of the defense. Often in a clear case as this one, the court (or jury) will not buy the defense's argument and will sentence the accused. But it will be unfair to try to blame the defense for putting up an argument for the accused.

Your article is implying that because the justices are so obviously guilty, no lawyer should undertake to represent them. Or perhaps their counsels should just go in to plead guilty.

What Effar Darteh did wrong is to come out to the public with his line of defense and asking Anas to be arrested. He should have kept his line of defense to the committee hearing or to an eventual court case. It is also to the court that he should ask for Anas to be de-hooded and provide arguments to convince the court to buy his case.

He shouldn't try to bring his defense to the public. That was wrong and he would lose before the public which will argue like the present writer. After all, the public has already judged the case and condemned the justices. What is Effar Dartey appealing to the public for?

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