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Impeach president Mahama; the cry of a true patriot

Comment: you are despicable

kweku trouble
2015-05-28 17:53:24
Comment to:
Impeach president Mahama; the cry of a true patrio

Despise your President? That exposes why you wrote this crap. That word
breeds the kind of violence that has taken control of your party. it borders on being evil. Purge your mind and spirit of such evil thoughts and feelings. I am tempted to call you an idiot but I won't; simply for the fact that impeachment is the word in vogue so you had to find a way to use it, lest you are left out of the fun. You know what is despicable? You and everything you represent!!

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05-28 01:16
you are despicable
kweku trouble
05-28 17:53