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Nkrumah Did Not Force His Views On African Leaders 5

Comment: Additional Reflection, Bro. Marcus!

francis kwarteng
2015-05-24 19:16:28
Comment to:
Nothing New, Bro. Marcus!

Dear Brother Marcus,

I forgot to mention explicitly that there is probably nothing Cornish says in his text that Ghanaians, including Ghanaian leaders and politicians, bank and industry leaders, professors, think tanks researchers, policy analysts, economists and sociologists, policy analysts, etc., are not aware of.

Visit the websites of think tanks, major universities, etc., across Africa and you will realize that Cornish is not new on the block. Read the publications of the aforementioned organizations, etc., as well.


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05-23 03:42
Additional Reflection, Bro. Marcus!
francis kwarteng
05-24 19:16