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Nkrumah Did Not Force His Views On African Leaders 5

Comment: Nothing New, Bro. Marcus!

francis kwarteng
2015-05-24 18:50:48
Comment to:

Dear Brother Marcus,

There is nothing Cornish says in his text that is new to most people. Not even one!

For instance, some of his students for students were things some of us used to do in high school/secondary schools.

As for his ideas on business, forecasting, etc., there is nothing new there. 99.99% of his ideas are nothing new to me. I won't go further!

If you think you know some people on Ghanaweb who are not familiar with Cornish's work why don't you summarize his work for them?

Like I said before, I won't go further because there is nothing new I found in Cornish's which I am not already doing or have not come across even in my teens!

Go to and you should find more useful information there. For now allow me to continue with my futulogy essays on Nkrumah!


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05-23 03:42
Nothing New, Bro. Marcus!
francis kwarteng
05-24 18:50