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Nkrumah Did Not Force His Views On African Leaders 5


francis kwarteng
2015-05-23 23:15:52
Comment to:

Dear Brother Marcus,

Thanks for your response.

Once again you miss the point because this is exactly what this series is about: FUTUROLOGY.

Futurology is embedded in each of the series. It is all over the article but you don't seem to get it.

If you care to know, this article and others like it are more about futurology than about the past.

Go back and the re-read the article again, then find time to read Drs. Jeffrey Sacks and Dambisa Moyo's works. They should also add what I have been saying.

I understand you are an educator. But may be I you will understand what I am doing if I empploy the tenets of parenting, social psychology, developmental psychology, peer pressure, and so on to explain the impact of "history" on the intellectual development or "furulogy" of adults.

Please make a connection between what I mean by "history" and "futulogy" in the case of the intellectual development of adults. I shall try to explain them further if you should come back complaing you don't see the connection.

In any case the rest of my articles are not going to be different from this, so brace yourself. My only reservation is that your comments do not indicate the depth that this article and others like it deserve.

You may recall how Andy-K brought out the depth I am talking about in one of my more recent articles. Please go back to Part 1 of this series.

You will realize you comments narrowed the larger scope of the article while Andy-K brought our a more expanded version of the same. I had to come and say "I REST MY CASE." Remember?

You were essentially talking about history while Andy-K was talking about history and futulogy. This is what I am my depth. Please take your time and read the piece again. It is about futulogy!


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05-23 03:42
francis kwarteng
05-23 23:15