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NPP protects drug dealers

Comment: It Is Only When The Party Opens Up To...

G. K. Berko
2015-05-21 17:48:24
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Re: NPP protects drug dealers

It is only when a Party Opens up for tolerance and diverse opinions on issues, even when the Party hierarchy has to be called out on some errors, that the members would get used to decorum.

When others take every criticism, no matter how constructive, as undermining the Party and begin raining unspeakable insults on the critics, it generates a cascade of intolerance and belligerent defiance of one another. It takes a well-managed leadership, rising to the Flagbearer, to curb abuses that tend to eventually precipitate the very fears dreaded to rip the Party asunder.

The leadership has to be constantly engaging and encouraging of all members to be decorous. That is how maturity in Political discourse is established for the best of the Party to emerge.

Unfortunately, many of our folks with higher degrees than the average lead in that kind of demeaning, violent verbal reaction to others' opinions. Hence, many in the Party follow suit.

When others are charged with unproven misbehavior in the Party to the point of being tagged with condescending labels, all because they dared to voice out their disagreement with some general position, it threatens the very fundamental democratic fabric that holds the Party together.

Dr. SAS, would be the first to admit the above. So, I am worried that he so mercilessly 'spanks' Dr. Kennedy after the latter has been knocked down by others for being blunt.

Anyone reserves the right to disagree with his analytical review of why the NPP lost in the last elections, in his book. But that digression shouldn't call for his dismissal from the Party, or the attended visceral antagonism many have dealt him for that.

Someone must always risk taking the Party to task on its own activities and performance. That someone must not be above reproach, either. But the constructive debate must continue for the right set of principles to be established to run the Party to recurrent success.

Instead, we have been witnessing deeper and deeper divisions among leading NPP Party members and those elders that the young have been hoping to look up to in sustaining the ideals of the Party. Much of this debacle stems from perceived selfishness and certain claim to some exclusive right to lead the Party by some of its leaders. That sets the blame on a merry-go-round and not to the exclusive domain of Alan or Arthur Kennedy...

When the initial rejection of any such rights was expressed in the Party by the likes of Arthur Kennedy, it was not with any personal malice. But soon, Nana's supporters, in particular, took it that way and pursued all others that had indicated some kind of challenge to him for the Party's Flagbearer position.

This is primarily the source of the current chaos. We must admit. President Kufuor was pilloried by the Okoampa-Ahoofes and other Akufo-Addo supporters that he had preferred Alan to Nana. So what?

Why didn't those folks who have been violently opposing any challenge to Nana do so for the late Aliu Mahama, when he was dumped like a sack of potatoes, while it had long been the tradition that VPs are considered first in any Party inclination to choose a successor to a President the Party had produced?

We did not hear any ardent supporter of the late VP's jump on Akufo-Addo to dissuade him from seeking the Flagbearer in displacement of Aliu. Records abound on how various subtle games were rolled out by Nana's lieutenants, some of whom were serving Officials of the Party, like Jake, to offer him the Flagbearer on silver platter. But since that was not the core tenet of the Party's Constitution, and others opted to challenge him for the position, the vitriol against these daring opponents of Nana began.

It is the way Nana has, for long, even before the Primaries, carried himself around as the only member of the Party who deserves to be the Flagbearer until he wins the Presidency that has, largely, portrayed his internal challengers as vicious dream-busters of his that have to be stopped at all cost. This, woefully undemocratic coercive tactic to ensure Nana contested against no one, and for the third time cannot be swept under the carpet, while all others who still might not fully believe in his leadership get savagely attacked by his supporters.

We must not fear to voice out the hard truth. For many who are now at the throat of Arthur Kennedy and others for still questioning certain behaviors of the Akufo-Addo camp, it is more for the ultimate goal, and of risking NPP's defeat that they are mad at these other folks. But for quite a sizeable number who are die-hard supporters of Nana's, it is endless personal hatred for all who dare complain of Nana's team, or do anything that even remotely seem to endanger Nana's chances.

Sadly, it is the kind of response such supporters of Nana's emit to many of these issues that tend to aggravate the Party's cohesiveness.

I would have expected Nana, himself, to call an emergency meeting of all Regional and District and National Executives to exhaustively discuss this particular trend that is wreaking havoc in the Party. To such a meeting he could invite his opponents in the Primary and the former President, Kufuor, and bluntly sought for their avowed commitment to the Party's success in 2016, which would make it easier for his own success at winning the Presidency.

Nana has chosen to sit back and let his cohorts do the dirty work of splitting up the Party, and no one dares say anything about it, because, the Okoampa-Ahoofes would be up and ready to hack them off the Party.

It is time Nana conceded any pride and animosity keeping him silent to initiate real rapprochement with the others to stop the blood-letting, if he really wants to become the President under NPP.

And Dr. SAS and his like-minded stentorian Orators and intellectuals behind Nana ought to inspire other members to pursue that unifying path to Peace and progress, instead of continuing to blame all others but Akufo-Addo, before it is too late.

Long Live Ghana!!!

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It Is Only When The Party Opens Up To...
G. K. Berko
05-21 17:48