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All Discerning NPP Faithful to be Supportive of any Move to Sack Kwabena Agyepong & Co

Comment: Kuffor's Mantra

2015-05-17 10:20:40
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All Discerning NPP Faithful to be Supportive of an

When ex president Kuffor has been entrusted with the helm of this country his credo was " Zero Tolerence". When confronted with unprecedental corruption in his governement his answer was corruption started with Adam.

To decode his contention means that corruption started with the party of his forefathers. Because NPP is borne out the party/ideology of J. B Danquah and Busia.

This ideology/credo sowede the seed of corruption in Ghana.So, the offspring are obliged to maintain the existing pathology in the society

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05-17 01:32
Kuffor's Mantra
05-17 10:20