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All Discerning NPP Faithful to be Supportive of any Move to Sack Kwabena Agyepong & Co

Comment: NPP has won already

2015-05-17 01:32:09
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All Discerning NPP Faithful to be Supportive of an

NPP will win even if it is divided into two parties. Even the lizards living on trees in Ghana know that NDC is dead already and will cease to exist come 2017.All of the pessimists out there are agitated for nothing. There is no problem. NPP is the most united party in Ghana now and will jail all NDC leaders and Prez JM for thievery and mismanagement and NDC will be banned for good so that the pain caused by their existence will go with them. Long live the united and victorious NPP the paradise party

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05-17 01:32
NPP has won already
05-17 01:32