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Breaking The Revolving Cycle Of Doom – Time for Paa Kwasi Nduom

Comment: Re: We get the government we vote for

2015-05-09 19:33:23
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We get the government we vote for

Abeeku, people just talk and don't make critical assessment of issues before they voice their opinions.

They don't know why Nduom just left CPP. For Nduom to say Samia has insulted him by saying people harassing her and publishing lies about her shouldn't be silly.
Come ooon Nduom had lived in the USA for many years and he knows "silly" is not and insult. Should this word prompt him to leave and form his PPP?

People should read into why he (Nduom) left CPP and thank you Abeeku for being explicit. If he Nduom cant even settle a conflict he started by being mischievous, how can he be a president?

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Re: We get the government we vote for
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