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How Convenient: History Repeats Itself In Black Face

Comment: Kwame Okoampa Ahoofe is nauseating...

2015-05-08 12:21:30
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No intellligent personality in Ghana

Scores of Africans are murdered both in US and Europe out of xenophobia but Kwame Okoampa-Ahoofe has never called the rulers of U.S. and Europe to order. He has never told our ambassadors and high commissioners to take care of Africans there because to him Africans deserve death in US and Europe. This nauseating Ahoofe should have better called for the leveling of the Mediterranean sea in which criminal European and Libyan elements.

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05-08 00:02
Kwame Okoampa Ahoofe is nauseating...
05-08 12:21