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Afoko, Kwabena Agyepong the sources of NPP leaks!!


mensah abrampa
2015-05-06 20:41:46
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Re: useless NPP

The NPP will rule Ghana but first it must rid itself of the saboteurs, the filth and scum within its ranks. The NDC is behind the leaks but no matter what they do the NDC will fall in 2016. Their time is up but they won't go without a fight. It's not surprising to find Afoko, Agyepong and Crabbe in the mix. Crabbe is a very corrupt, dubious and cunning character and I'm not surprised where he has chosen to lay his bed. Righteousnessalways prevails over wickedness just as light overcomes darkness. Afoko, Agyepong, Crabbe, Djaba and Alan Kyeremanten and their co-conspirators in the NDC cannot win against the tidal wave of public opinion which is not on the side of the NDC. Alan particularly doesn't make any sense because the seeds he's sowing today is what he's going to reap tomorrow. I don't understand why he thinks Akuffo Addo supporters will suddenly troop to his side after everything he had done to Nana. He's also so naive to trust any deal he has made with Mahama because he Mahama is not the NDC and cannot influence NDC voters to vote for Alan against their NDC candidate.

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05-06 06:12
mensah abrampa
05-06 20:41