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How, Why and When is an “Obrempon” Elevated to the Status of “Omanhene” in Asanteman?

Comment: Useless article!

Kwame Amankwah
2015-04-08 11:14:17
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How, Why and When is an “Obrempon” Elevated to

This is the most uncivilised and uncultured piece I've ever read in my life. Even the Bible calls for respect for people in higher authorities. Since the matter didn't go in your favour, you deemed it fit to insult everybody including the Overlord of this land. It's very unfortunate people that knows better behave like toddlers. In fact, the late Tweneboah will wept in his grave to hear this!
When Asanteman was formed where were you, because that was the best place to ask these unnecessary questions: so I'll advise you to there and ask these useless questions that you think they deserve answers from people. Even lunatics will not respond to any of them because you don't deserve them or else go to hell!

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04-08 01:02
Useless article!
Kwame Amankwah
04-08 11:14