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The NPP is working Again!

Comment: Are You Ok? Iddrisu Ablayi Tahiru-Terror

2015-03-04 12:33:25
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The NPP is working Again!

Iddrisu Ablayi Tahiru-Terror, did you hear what one of the founding members of NPP secretly told his Ashanti/Akyem mafia at NPP meeting?

Iddrisu if you didn't hear Osafo Marfo then, let me reiterate what he said to you.

Osafo Marfo said it's wrong for anybody who's area has no natural resources to rule Ghana or be in any leadership position. He went ahead to say that those with resources are the people who should rule.

The likes of you and Dr Bawumia should advice yourselves before you disastrously bite your fingers.

So Iddrisu how many times do you want the likes of Osafo Marfo to tell you that NPP isn't your party?

NPP is for Ashantis/Akyems only. The only time they find it necessary to say Akans is only to throw dust into the eyes of the public but, we know them.

Iddrisu don't waste your precious time with NPP because you'er valueless in the eyes of the tribal bigots Political Party called NPP.

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Are You Ok? Iddrisu Ablayi Tahiru-Terror
03-04 12:33