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My take on Ghana Football!

Comment: Call them back

Santaclausian, Croydon
2015-01-21 22:28:56
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My take on Ghana Football!

I have critically analysed your piece and I particularly agree with the fact that Essien, KPB, Muntari as well as Kwarrassy should be called back to the team after they have apologised if they have done anything wrong. As far as I am concerned, we still don't know why Muntari particularly assaulted the so called official. If the official is completely innocent (which I really doubt) then Muntari should aplogise and let's draw a line under this whole debacle and move on. After all there can be no BS without our class players. No one gives a toss about some ill informed official. We care about our players, they come first. Kwesi Appiah's era is over. Let's move on

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01-21 06:25
Call them back
Santaclausian, Croydon
01-21 22:28