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'Shamo Wonder': What killed Shamo Quaye?

Comment: @Ghafuo

mensah abrampa
2014-12-01 16:18:28
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RIP Shamo Leather!

Sometimes I like some of your ideas but they're quickly forgotten when you begin sounding like you just took a sneak peak at the pages of the ISIS playbook. We may be too slow to act and would rather deal passively than violently with our problems here in Ghana. Ghana is not Nigeria and your stone age solutions to problems have no place in Ghana. There's a whole lot of both good and bad in the USA and you're at liberty to choose what you want to learn from this great country but for goodness sake do not incite violent behavior in Ghana sports. You don't even seem to understand what sports is all about.

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mensah abrampa
12-01 16:18