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'Shamo Wonder': What killed Shamo Quaye?

Comment: Shamo s death.( respd-An ewe is a goat)

Joshua Boye
2014-12-01 10:44:40
Comment to:

I still wonders why this world is full of people with very shallow mind, and either try to read politics or tribalism into every little issue being discussed. What has Ashanti and Gas got to do with Shamo Quaye memorials. Is true, they say ( once a fool, always a fool ). I strongly believe this author who calls him/her self-An ewe is a goat is an Ashanti. I wish all Gas and Ewes will hold their fire and not depend into the gutter in Which he or she is laying. If he or she feels that Ashantis are the best people on this land and can choose to labell every tribe the way they want. We from the other tribes also have a way we think of them, and will still think the same way about them till they change their way of life. Amen.

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11-30 15:40
Shamo s death.( respd-An ewe is a goat)
Joshua Boye
12-01 10:44