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Comment: You May Have To Get Out of the Dungeon..

G. K. Berko
2014-11-03 13:41:16
Comment to:

You may have stayed too long in your Dungeon. You should get out of it to have better feel for what really pertains outside.

Who among the eligible electorate are INSANE? And springing off your own premise that Okoampa-Ahoofe 'is writing to convince the SANE among the electorate', how do ascertain he would succeed in convincing any or all of the SANE?

Being SANE does not mean agreeing with you or your choice. So, learn to refrain from insulting others because they might not be on your side.

Obviously, your SANITY could not let you understand the indisputable truth that it is not only the Economics of the Country that drives folks to vote a certain way.

Long Live Ghana!!!

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11-03 01:57
You May Have To Get Out of the Dungeon..
G. K. Berko
11-03 13:41