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Comment: KBK, Be Abide By Common Sense.

Mr. Figure-Out
2014-11-03 07:29:06
Comment to:

It beats my bewilders imagination why discernment or common sense is eluding most good people of Ghana who are supposed to know better.
As a people we have experienced the crass incompetent administration of the late Prof Mills, (the era of massive create, loot and share; thanks to Justice Dotse of the Atugubas Supreme Court), and also through to Mahama's era where corruption, both in gov't and the civil service, is at its apogee. Things are getting worse by the day so if you KBK, an illiterate who can,at least, manage one or two sentences come here to endorse the status quo, so be it. "Se okomfo bonee ka se kuro bebo a, ote mu bi" which could literally be translated as, if Maame Ghana sinks we all go down with her. SHINE YOUR EYES KBK.

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11-03 01:57
KBK, Be Abide By Common Sense.
Mr. Figure-Out
11-03 07:29