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Make Education a Priority in Ghana, Mr President!

Comment: Seek historical guidance chap

Abeeku Mensah
2014-11-01 04:23:52
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Make Education a Priority in Ghana, Mr President!

Presidents, prime ministers and dictators do not set policies but leadership with foresight, ideas and ideals. Yes a president can have an agenda but if leaders of the nation and or majority of citizens do not see any value in those ideas and ideals those initiatives will and do die at the political table or become a thing of the past by being unfunded.
Ghana has become a nation organized and managed at the political level via tribal ideals since 1966, a fate that befall every nation where its democratically elected government has been forced out of office by foul means.
You may be surprised to know there are those who leave school prior to graduation to pursue their dreams/money and do not value education. This continue to exist in Ghana and more pronounced in some tribes. You will also find that most of Ghana's so-called educated class have not been productive or contributed to development but become leeches in Ghana stealing and misnanaging public funds even as they wear their meaningless credentials on their bodies for all to see. People everywhere pay for things they value and want; Ghanaians must pay/fund good school structures for students and not ask for free tuition even as school structures remain unfit for dogs. That my friend is not a sound education policy in any civilized nation.

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11-01 07:55
Seek historical guidance chap
Abeeku Mensah
11-01 04:23